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I have never been in a relationship. I always hear stories of guys/girls cheating on their partner. I want to experience love properly. Not just for sex, just the compassion and emotion that bonds a couple. I would never, ever cheat on my girlfriend if I had one. I'd cherish her, be grateful that I have a special someone in my life. I'd do my best to keep them happy, and go places with them to make them happy. I don't have lots of money, but surely any decent girl doesn't care about that. Unless she's a gold digger. I'd take her for walks in the park, and just bond mentally by talking about anything she likes. Open up to them, and spend as much time with her as I can. Literally every single person I know has had some form of a relationship, and I haven't. But, I bet I could be a better Boyfriend than most of them. If she likes video games as much as I do then I think we're made for each-other. If she doesn't we can start off with something simple. Then maybe she could get into gaming. We could do things she likes. I'm probably one of the most open-minded people out there. I'm always up for trying new things. Let me know girls would you like your boyfriend to be like me. Based on that?^

Lmao, keep your comments coming. This is brilliant, haha.


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  • I think you sound as if you're very much dependent on a woman's approval, which is rather repulsive to women. You should be very comfortable in your own skin and show that confidence to others. Also sex is almost always a part of relationships. I think girls get turned off when a man becomes clingy or tries to pamper her too much. It should be a mutual thing, not you just showering her with attention. She'll actively prefer a guy who gives her less attention because she'll think she needs to work more for him. As for the games thing, you should accept that maybe your future girlfriend won't like games at all, and you shouldn't have to force your hobby onto her if she doesn't like it. It's not necessary to be rich, but the vast majority of women prefer a man with some kind of stable income who can provide for her.

    • The games thing isn't a necessity, if she's up for it go for it. If not, I'm not gonna force her.

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  • Sounds a lot like my ex (who I'm madly in love with and currently chasing). You sound like you'd be a great boyfriend.

  • Yes, you sound just like a charming prince would sound like (#^.^#) <3'

  • Sounds a little too good to be true <.<
    I would love that, a fairy-tale. With a happy ending or nah? Like if you had a disagreement would you talk it out or get a divorce? Not a happy fairy-tale ending if it's ended with a divorce.

    • I honestly don't like fighting. Whether it be physical, or verbal.
      So, it's easier to just talk it out. No friendships/relationships come without their flaws.

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  • "I'd take her for walks in the park"

    What you need buddy... is a dog

    • I have one bro. Just a way of bonding.

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    • Keyboard warrior? O_o
      what are you on about now fella?

    • It's a joke, haha.
      It's basically someone who types super fast/ or someone who sends angry messages online.

  • You sound sweet, but there's a touch of this about the question...


    • I wouldn't say ''I'm one of the last nice guys left''.
      That's just lame. I'm just saying I'd take what I have considering people take what they have for granted lmao. I'm nothing like a weeaboo, I can socialize, in fact I'm pretty good at it.
      Good joke though, brother.

    • *tips fedora* ''Ma lady''