Meeting people. Best way to do it?

I have been single for a couple of years now (OK, three years) and until few months ago I realized that I was ready for the dating game.

I have been considering Tinder. Why? My social skills aren't my thing. Yes, I like people but must of the time I say what I think, I am really honest and I just don't follow all the social standars.

The other way is to start to Italian classes, merengue classes and any other thing but I will be able after February .

Im kind in a need to feel that I can attract guys.



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  • Be careful on dating sites. A large proportion of men on there are married, looking for just sex, or both. I found that out the hard way (and several years of trying, and yes you even get it on the pay sites). I would go with classes, out with coworkers after work to foster social skills (they might know someone sinlge as well!), church if that is your thing, or asking friends if they know anyone.


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