What should I do? Should i do it, and if so, how?

I wanna ask this girl out. she's a year older than I and into softball. However, im not 100% sure if she's interested in me. Should i do it, and if so, how?


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  • Yeah you should definitely do it. Trust me, getting rejected is way better than never going for it and having to wonder "what if?" Just invite her to something low pressure where you can get to know each other.

    • Like a night of bowling and maybe coney island?

    • I know she enjoys bowling

    • Yeah that'd be perfect. I'd probably just plan on the bowling and then make coney island more of a "spontaneous" adventure afterwards if y'all are feeling each other. Girls like that unplanned things.

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  • In person. If you aren't sure she is interested in you, just casually ask her out on a date first like to the movies. hey the interview is out go see that!


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  • "If you want to be together, you have to-get-her"