I never had a girlfriend, and I want to approach this girl at school, can this be a turn off?

I'm 22 in college, want to approach a girl but I never had a girlfriend and never been with anyone at all. I was wondering that if I told her this she would back off (assuming she gives me a chance to get to know me) . Do girls find this as a turn off? Would she think something is wrong with me? I'm a nice looking guy tbh, take care of my self , dress well, and get some good looks from females every now and then but I just never really tried to approach women due to me not knowing how


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  • Awe you sound so sweet, :) ... be nice to her say hi and slowly approach her don't be so straight forward or you're gonna scare her, but be you tho...

    • Would you find a guy who never had gf a turn off cause of that?

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    • Weird? Not at all I would be honored to go out with you... no BS

    • If she asks me why I never had a gf what can I say? Like what excuse would make you think it's cute lol

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  • i would be honest with her


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  • I wish a guy like this would approach me!!!


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