Why so many rules? To dating?

Why are there so many rules to dating these days: "when to text" "when to call" "No contact for days" "wait for him/her to text first" EXT.

This is exactly Why the average marriage only lasts seven years and relationships last No longer then 3 months because of all the RULES. In the old days they did not go by "rules" and because of that those marriages lasted the longest:/

And so called "dating experts" are giving the advice lol.. And what do you the length of relationships decrease lol


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  • There's something to be said about not moving too fast in a relationship, but that's just common sense. But, to me, "The Rules" are potentially problematic is these respects:

    1. Pretending to not be interested may lead someone to think you're (*gasp*) not interested !

    2. Men can be a shy as women. It doesn't mean they aren't manly or not into you, they just might need need some encouragement, even to the point of you actually asking them out. If you get fixated on the idea that the man *must* ask you out first, you might miss out on a great guy who just happens to be shy.

    3. If someone suspects you're following "the rules", they might get turned off and feel like you're trying to manipulate their emotions.

    4. If you purposefully fuel "the chase", you may well end up getting someone who just likes "the chase". :(

    5. If you are honestly not interested, someone might erroneously suspect that you *are* and that you are simply following "the rules" ( Like Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, lol)

    Men, am I mistaken about any of this? If so, I would like hear your opinions. :)


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  • I don't get it either... especially texting. Meet face to face or call on phone. (See profile rant.)

    ask if you want to know something. crazy.

  • You think marriages and relationships are short-lived exactly because of dating rules? Yeah, surely it couldn't be other things. /s

    • These days people only get married for show..
      *For money.
      *Because everyone else is doing it.

    • Oh and people get married for social reasons too. Not because they truly love the person:/...

  • I've never been one to follow any type of unwritten rules, it's stupid.


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  • there should be only one rule

    1. fuck all the rules.

  • That's why I don't date I hate rules , I can't stand being controlled , that's why I just fuck for an hour and good bye call you or call me when we need it...

  • Omg yes. I never get these rules that's why I don't date. I'm like fuck this, I'll be single for life 😝