He's shy, I'm shy yet trying to be bold but can't read him! So here's a few questions?

So I'm a single mother of 1 and he's a single father of 3. We are both very shy but I've gotten to a point that I can be more bold when needed. We started talking on an online dating site and have exchanged numbers etc. So for my first question: he's seemed very interested and had said things like he's so excited to meet and can't get me out of his head but now only occasionally can I get a real conversation going. We do talk every day and when he doesn't here from me he does at least send a "how are you beautiful?" text but does this lack of actual conversations seem like he's losing interest or maybe busy or shy? Second question: he asked me out on a date for last weekend (which I suggested coffee instead because of our busy schedules/babysitters so close to Christmas) to which he was excited about but then family came to town unexpectedly. I then asked him if he wanted to reschedule (date or coffee) for this weekend and he said yes but since then he kind of clammed up and it's now Friday night and he hasn't mentioned our "date" again. Is he maybe nervous to bring it up? Does it seem like he's just not that interested anymore? This is my first time using a dating site and I also haven't dated much so last question : am I just over thinking things or finding things to be worried over? Lol obviously I need some objective advice please!

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  • I'm so confused on how he's shy if he has 3 kids.

    • People who are shy do open up lol and the 3 kids are from the sane women.

    • Same*

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