What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a while now and we don't see each other much because school has just started and he is very busy. He says that I am very dependent on him to be there for me and that we should possibly go on a break to think about our priorities.

All I expect from him is to just communicate with me more, but he takes it that I'm just being emotionally dependent on him. I know this isn't much of a problem, but I'm kind of confused about what I should do about this situation.

yeah, we broke up.

thanks for all your help guys! :)


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  • sounds like a break up. and if not maybe you should consider if he really is right for you. Someone who truly cares about another won't mind being there whenever their needed. If you are emotionally dependent on someone they should be willing to be there when you need them, not viewing it as a problem.


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  • Does he ever call yuou?

    Does he ever text you?

    does he make excuses his priorityis his sportsor does he say he really needs to pass his classes, and you guys never hang out at lunch?

    do you ever hang out after school?

    • He texts me sometimes

      barely calls now that school has started

      yes, he does make excuses becasue of classes and sports

      and we barely hang out after school or at lunch :/


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    • Def not recent :P

      I think it sounds like a breakup to me...

      im sorry :(

    • Sorry to hear that. if you need someone to talk to, you can send me a message. " confused84 "

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