What can we do to forget our "crush" and move on?

I have a huge crush on a guy for about one and a half year. We study at the same place but he is 4 years older than me. He's the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my life, he always has a smile on his face, he's a very talented musician and a great student, I can actually say that he's a dream guy!

I once sent him a message on Facebook congratulating him for his talent and saying that he should never give up on his dreams. He replied saying that he was really happy and honored to know that. I continued the conversation but he didn't answer.

We barely see each other because of our schedule differences. I see him a lot in parties. Every time I go to a party he keeps staring and looking at me a lot. I can see him across the room talking to girls but he's always aware of my presence and glancing at me.

A few weeks ago, he came to talk to me in one of this parties. He invited me to dance and said in my ear that I am an amazing girl and I should never let anyone change who I am.

And that was it. I tried keeping a conversation with him again on Facebook but he stoped replying.

I think that he's interested in me but he's not the kind of guy that I see in a serious relationship because of his HUGE popularity. He's always surounded by tons of girls, I don't think a guy of his age with all of this popularity wanting to settle down.

What do you guys think? I think I should just move on. I am not what he needs right now. I am a serious girl. I am also popular, everybody says that I am very beautiful and every guy looks at me when I walk across a room. But I am a serious girl, I don't want one night stands.


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  • He likes u, and probably finds u attractive, but I don't think he's interested in u romantically. I'd say u are right he's probably got other girls on the go too. The best way to vet over him is to keep busy and find another guy to focus on who wants what u want and most importantly wants you

    • Thank you so much for your opinion on this, I really needed someone else to talk to about this.
      That's what I try to do. About guys... I'm starting to feel that every guy of my age doesn't want a serious relationship.

    • Yes that's probably true, don't worry when u get a bit older they will. Just focus on other things that make u happy xxx

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