Girls, what is makes you attracted to a guys, and make you love him?

The mind, the way of manipulating words, the look, the way he deals with women?
in the poll pleas choos the most convenced answer to you that you can abondon the other choices for it

  • The mind / intelligence
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  • The way of manipulating words when he talks
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  • The look / muscles
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  • The way he deals with women
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  • A lot of money
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I want to be able to tell him he's handsome and mean it, but looks aren't the most important. Money is just about the least important. Muscles are always nice but it doesn't really matter. Manipulating words? Not really a turn on. Sometimes it might actually get annoying. So out of all those, I voted for mind/intelligence because if a guy isn't very intelligent and doesn't have a very strong mind, I don't know if I could deal with him. Not a very strong mind, meaning I could use the Jedi mind trick on him and he wouldn't even have any idea.


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What Girls Said 2

  • His looks initially draw me in, but the personality is what wins me over. Any guy can look good. That's all in DNA and regular grooming/good hygiene. The guys I'm interested will be smart, nice, and funny, too. He also needs to treat women well. I'm very much a feminist, and I can't have a guy who plans to keep me in the kitchen or treat me as his property or whatever. Money doesn't matter to me, nor do manipulating words. I would rather not have a guy who manipulates people.

  • His eyes and his smile.


What Guys Said 1

  • It may sound myopic but I think money and power has most to do with it. They in turn make a man seem more manly to women etc.

    • but i think women will sacrifice money and power for a simple life with a good man

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