He watches a video of his ex online, what does this mean?

He watches a video of his ex online, he is also present in this video. He called me over and showed it to me, he pointed her out and was in a good mood about it. At this time I didn't know who she was until months later. Why was he doing this? Is he not over her?

I have asked him and he said he is over her and doesn't love her anymore but he never talks about her or their past relationship and he also said that he finds it hard to fall in love after his ex.

Guys what is the deal with this?


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  • Well if he showed you a video of him and her
    And didn't tell you it was his ex
    It sounds like he is not over her

    • This is just a very strange situation to be in

    • I showed a video of my ex to my freinds
      And they aksed me who it was and I didn't tell them.
      I showed them videos of my ex because I wasn't over him

    • Makes sense. I didn't believe he was. Why would he get involved with me then?

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  • No idea whatsoever. If he doesn't really talk about her, I guess that is good. However if he can't fall in love, why you are still with him?

    • Because he said he cares about me deeply and just needs time. It's like I'm helping him get over her? He never talks about her like he's trying to protect something. He said she left him because she decided things weren't working out but he was caught by surprise because he thought they were.

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    • That's true, I will message you, not to talk about my problems tho but just for conversation 😊

  • What is the context of the video? Sounds like he is not completely over her

    • It's his family and it's some sort of celebration. But apparently he used to watch it everyday, probably still does I'm just not aware. He watched it a lot before we dated, I just didn't pay attention as I didn't know who she was.

    • That seems very odd. Even if the ex wasn't in it

    • I think be watches it because she's in it tho. I think if she wasn't then he wouldn't be watching it.

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