What type of girls or guys are you attracted to?

Are you attracted to funny, charming, cool, kind guys OR girls? What type are you attracted too from personality to face and body features.
P. S.- Up top is just an example, you don't have to answer to it. Thanks for commenting!!!👍👍😁😁


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  • Ir completely depends on the person and what they are attracted to, but I'll try to make some generalisations for teenagers:
    I guess it's about standing out, so appearance wise looking different from everyone else, hair, face and figure
    Zooming in, you want to get noticed, so being a pleasure to be around, socially popular and having ur name come up a lot in convorsation
    Pictures on social media streams will help that, as well as going out a lot with friends and meeting new people

    Physically, for girls, probably having medium to long hair, looked after well too
    Having a nice body, being of average-ish height, too fall and shorter boys are intimidated, and too small some guys just don't like it

    It really does COMPLETELY depend on the person, just be a pleasure to be around
    Hope this helps! :)


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  • I'm attracted to kind & smart girls who doesn't hesitate to smile.

  • (Physically)
    - Curvy body
    - Long hair
    - Wide hips
    - Same height as me
    - Good fashion

    - Sweet and caring
    - Sense of humour
    - Affectionate
    - Passionate
    - Open minded

  • All of the above, maybe semi-big boobs, semi-big butt, exotic face, grey eyes.


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm attracted to more laid back, funny and kind guys. Although I don't mind a shy guy either. Face wise, it's all about the eyes, tall, don't care about hair colour and a great smile. I also love scruffy hair.

  • For me a guy had to appreciate me and put effort in to see me and commit. I don't need to be treated like a princess but if he acts like he doesn't care about losing me then I try to avoid any relationship before I get hurt.
    Physically I like brown eyes and brown scruffy hair, I personally don't care if they're muscly or not, skinny tall guys are quite attractive to me :)