How would I go about getting my first girfriend?

I've never had the intentions of trying to get a gf... I mean I have thought about it but never tried until about 6 months ago... how would I go about doing so? I feel lost


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  • Just be friendly, polite, respectful & start opening yourself up to more people :)
    Speak up in class, don't be afraid to give a compliment here and there, and most of all smile at girls occasionally. Not constantly, just a little one :) and say hi! You'll get noticed:)

    • I've tried... I just feel like I am doing everything wrong... :(

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    • I would be more attracted to a virgin than a non virgin. Innocence is a good thing

    • That makes little sense :/ ... anyways thanks!!

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  • Just ask, honesty is a very attractive characteristic.

  • Just go and ask a girl your interested in if she would like to hang out :)


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