Ladies, have you ever made up a story just to see how a man would react?

Have you been guilty of this? Have any guys ever had this happen to them? Have any guys made up a story to see how she would react?

For example, a story about sexual abuse that didn't happen?

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I should also mention that extreme exaggerations of stories fall into the category of making it up.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Speaking as a Girl, not a guy's sort of side, zinithin, I have done This to my husband out in Egypt several times and then some----Just to get him going and flowing... his temper, that is.
    When we are on the Outs, fighting and fuming, I will Email him things like: I am with other guys, I am getting re-married, I have a new man who is better than you and blah, blah, blah... if he gets angry enough and frothing enough at the mouth, he says Nothing but Deletes me from Skype. However, when we make up, he puts me back on when he sees I am All talk and no action.
    On another sour note though, no story here, dear, he knows I have cheated on him so anything I would throw out there to him he would bite on, of course. xx

    • He's still with you even though you cheated on him?

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    • No problem. Glad you shared.

    • Thank you for the chance to share... felt good to go over it again.:)) xxoo

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What Girls Said 3

  • Never, especially a story like sexual abuse, that's really low down. If a girl does this I assume she has mental health issues.

  • nope its wrong!

  • Nope, I have nothing to lie about.


What Guys Said 1

  • I used to bullshit but as you get older there's less reason to and people are more able to detect it anyway lol. I've been told a few tall tales, I just smile and nod politely lol