What do you guys think of the 3rd date rule..?

Guys do you think a girl is easy if she slept with you on the 3rd date...?


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  • "The problem here is that you're confusing correlation with causation. You go out with a guy and f*** him on the first date, and then he doesn't call again. Then, you assume the sex is the reason that he didn't call. What's to say he would have called again had you not f***ed him, or more importantly, that it would have turned into a relationship? Absolutely nothing.

    Personally speaking, I have never once decided to not date a girl because we had sex on the first or second date. Truth be told, the girls I've f***ed on the first (or maybe second) date have been more likely to be long-term candidates because we hit it off really well (which lead to the collision of wet and hard parts). On the other hand, if we get to the 3rd or 4th date, and I haven't gotten so much as a tug, I'm going to figure you're not interested in that dimension of the relationship with me, and I'm going to shut it down because I don't have time for that sh*t.

    So, go ahead an come up with a stupid rule that says, "I don't f*** until the 3rd date" or whatever. It may guarantee you a few more free dinners, but it's not going to guarantee you relationship success.

    (Or it could just be that you're a lousy lay.)"

    - mrjake


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  • Its not about when she sleeps with you, its about how well you know each other. Once you totally trust each other, and know everything you need to know (about their sexual health most importantly, STDs ect.) then for all I care it could be the first date, assuming you have known each other a long time.

    If you both talk about sex beforehand, talk about what precautions you will take, what you will do if you get pregnant, and have everything planned in a mature adult way, then you can have sex whenever you want for all I care.

    Society may think differently, but what is most important is what YOU think/know.

  • Hell yes! Where can I find her? No seriously, if you're thinking of giving 'IT' to a guy because you THINK the time's right you're wrong. The time you guys get physically intimate with each other should be special and we you FEEL the time is right, where you both feeling MUTUALLY loving.


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