I accidentally had period sex last time. How soon will my boyfriend be up for trying again (to have normal sex)?

When I say accidentally I thought I'd finished and hadn't bled all day... then we had sex and bam it came back. I have not bled since then. How soon will ot take him to try again to have sex. He didn't seem that bothered by it but I'm scared he's not going to want to have sex for awhile.


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  • I don't think he cares.


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  • He'll want to whenever your ready to. I don't see anything wrong with having sex while she's on her period. It is what it is. That's when she's horniest so I don't deny :)

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    • He didn't seem bothered by it all that much.

    • So what's the problem? :)
      Willing to bet if you initiate sex while on your period, he won't stop. He'll just be like "take the fucking tampon out!" And continue like any other sex session with you

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