Is there something wrong with me? I feel bad now?

I was supposed to go on a date with this girl. She even made all the effort so I could ask. For example, she admitted to separating herself from her group when I asked her and when I did ask she did so withouth hesitation and made sure we had eachothers numbers. We had just got out for winter break when I texted her but she was working and hasn't responding since. What did I do wrong? Could it be it's because she wants to just hangout with her family for the break. Why did she make such an effort? I just feel bad now because I got excited for nothing. It's going to be weird now because I will see her all the time when school starts again.


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  • Nothing wrong with you. Goes down into the annals of mysteries of your life; you'll never know. Oh well.

  • what do you mean you were supposed to go on a date. You had plans for a specific date and time?

    • Sorry I kinda rushed that part. I asked her if free for a date sometime and she said yes. I know I should've had a specific time but I didn't. Then I texted her asking if next Friday 12 of dec. or Saturday she was free but she was working but she probably could the next weekend and would let me know. She never let me know.

    • Christmas is a busy time of year. When you see her i the new year, just act like nothing happened. Speak to her and ask about Christmas. If she still seems like she likes you, you can say "about the date..." and if she doesn't then just pretend it never happened.

    • Well haha the funny thing is I couldn't tell she liked me in the first place. She didn't really give me anything to go off of. One of my friends thought I should ask her out. Like I said she didn't hesitate or anything.

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