What to do next when texting?

So I texted the guy I'm talking to "Happy Holidays!" and he replied back right away with the same sentence. Does he expect me at that point to text back, or should I just leave the conversation there. I don't want to bother him or anything, but I also don't want to assume that if he really liked me, he'd keep the conversation going at that point. What should I do?


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  • Hmm that's weird that he didn't try to prolong the conversation. He could've been like, what're you upto, or hope you're doing well, stuff like that.

    Sometimes I feel like when a person keeps something to a minimum, they intend to be kind, but also send out the message that's all the contact they want to keep with you.

    Kind of like when someone wishes you a Happy Birthday. If that's all they say, without anything else, they're probably just being polite.

    I'd say if you really want to talk to him, you could text back, and see if he is prolonging it. If he is not, just end it politely. You'll get your answer.

    • Thank you, this is helpful!

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  • Well what I would do is ask him how his day is going or how everything is going with him. If he sends something back short and to the point then he is either busy or not interested.


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  • Just for laughs and giggles, for it Seems you should maybe add a bit more pizazz to the pop here dear, Ask him how his Holidays are going and even interject how Yours is going... wait for his response...
    He may very well be a loss of words in the holiday hullabaloo so go ahead and put your two cents in and see if it was worth a little more mistletoe, which from where I am sitting, needs to either be hung back up or put to bed for the nite.
    Good luck. xx

  • Let him text you. You made the effort to initiate if he doesn't follow up he might not be interested.