Is there someone else?

Am dating this guy for 2years now... He used to call me everyday and we would text everyday about all sorts of things but right now everything has just changed he doesn't call anymore he doesn't text like he used to... Back then he would reply right after I send these days it takes him almost half an hour for him to reply... So am confused is it me or is there another girl


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  • It's called getting comfortable in a relationship. Not everyday will be the same as the day you first met. after two years you guys are coming off the honeymoon phase, and believe it or not, the real relationship is starting. neither of you are blinded by impulsive lust, or obsession. After two years you both should be much more secure and trusting in your relationship. Early in the relationship both sides feel as though they must do everything they can to impress and maintain their mate. Including responding to texts ASAP, even when that means doing it in work meetings, under the table in class, and other times when it really shouldn't be done. After two years you both should be at a point where it's like "hey, I trust my partner and this relationship enough to the point where If they don't respond instantly, it doesn't mean they hate me and have found a new love." There are other things in life we NEED to focus on in order to get where we want to be.

    Being in a relationship does not make two people one. Each person is still an individual and has individual goals. Being in a relationship is about supporting eachother when they need support and sharing success and the highest highs when they are achieved. As such, there has to come a point where you can be comfortable enough to be able to focus on what you need to get done without worrying about the relationship.

    If you're goal is to pass final exams, and you know you need to crack down and study, but your boyfriend is texting you every second wondering why you're not replying, and asking if you're cheating him would that bother you? I know thats not exactly what's going on, but you do get the point right?

    Him being comfortable enough, and trusting enough to be able to focus on his goals in life without needing to feel he has to text you instantly really is a testament to how great your relationship is going.

    Please don't worry needlessly

    • Perhaps I just over reacted... You are right about everything you said and I really appreciate that :)

    • No worries. I've been in your place exactly :)

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  • It's always possible that it's another girl but after I had been with my ex wife (not exactly the best woman in the world) for a while I started doing the same thing sometimes. I can't speak for him but I know when I got that way it was because 1 there were at least medium size issues I was avoiding from her or 2 because it felt overwhelming to have her wanting to talk every day for so long. Sometimes guys just want some space to do "their thing" even for a day just to recharge on them. Doesn't mean he doesn't love you but everyone needs a little "me time" every now and then, even the most committed loving guys out there.


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  • is he ur bf?

    • Yes he is

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    • I guess you are right about that... Well yes he used to call me everyday (before I go to sleep and when I wake up) well I would say he always wanted to be the first and the last voice I hear... Well things started changing since two months ago...

    • when a honeymoon period is over, then the real testing period comes in. i find that it isn't easy for couples to complete the journey together if one party put in less efforts.

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