This guy wants to hang out ALL THE TIME?

every single weekend.for hours, we are good friends but I'm TIRED. I already kind of said yes, but I'm really busy this weekend and I have had a long week. he kind of p*ssed me off because he said he was "making time for me and had other things he could be doing" and when I said "if you are so busy why don't we hang out some other time" he apologized and confessed that he had been looking forward to it all week. WHAT DO I DO?


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  • "WHAT DO I DO?"

    You know the painful of a dependant relationship. Real learning happens with experience. It is positive in this case.

    Tell him, "You are responsible for your happiness, just like I am responsible for mine. Of course it is fantastic when we are happily together. It is of equal importance that we know how to happy when we are not". How many couples die in the same instant except those who commit suicide together?


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