Should I text him even though I don't want to?

Is it weird to have crush on my ex? I want to text him but I don't want to because we haven't really talked since we broke up.

should I try to talk to him as friends
I figured it out that I don't have a crush on him! I just miss the thoughts and memories!


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  • No, not 'Weird' at all. Now that you have broken up, you are Missing the Kissing and some of the times that you both shared when two birds of a feather. And with a little more space of your own Alone Now in your cozy nest, you find that there is this sense of Freedom to be able to spread your wings and Also be able to 'Crush' even more Freely on him because you are not hooked at the hip or in this certain Routine and Rut you both got into when being stuck together.
    Go ahead and push a button on your end. It's the holidays. What better way to say "Hi" than to do it through a happy Holiday.
    Good luck and Happy New Year, dear. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to send my very best.:)) xxoo

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  • That's generally a bad idea. There's a reason y'all broke up and it will most likely resurface if you start dating again.

  • There's a reason why he's your EX. But you want to talk to him anyways or maybe you don't? I don't know!!! Good thing you're not at the cash register deciding which gum or candy bar you want to buy.

    • haha! That isn't a difficult decision!

  • No it is not weird. It's perfectly normal. There's a reason why you dated initially.

    Whether you want to text or not now depends on the reason (s) for breakup and his current state


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