How to react when someone tells you they love you?

I've been dating this new guy almost 2 months, we're inseparable. I'm crazy about him and I know he's crazy about me too.

He's already said things like:

"I really like you. I want to say the other L word but I don't want to risk it by saying it too soon."

And today's: "I want to say it to you but I don't want to scare you off. When you stay over for the night, then I might say it to you."

And that night might be tomorrow...

I REALLY like him and I'm starting to feel those love pangs too but I don't feel ready to say it. I got out of a 3 and 1/2 year relationship about 9 months ago. I don't want to rush and over complicate something that we share which is amazing. I feel like saying those three words is going to the next level in committing to each other, I don't take those words lightly.

So what do I do or say if he says it to me?


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  • Just be yourself, there is not a "right" answer for that, if you feel you love him then tell him, if you don't then you can focus and talk about the good things you've shared and have in common :)


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  • just say "no you dont, you just think you do" works everytime


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  • Definitely don't say it if you're not ready. It's a huge step to take and the worst is saying it back just because it was said to you and not because that's the way you honestly feel