I dont want a boyfriend in highschool?

all of my friends are saying how much they want a boyfriend and honestly i used to also but not anymore. i feel like I've already experienced it and i just wanna hold it off until the end of highschool. even though this was middleschool and it doesn't count i already had my first heart break i cried for weeks and but in the end i dont regret it because i got to experience jt. and most of the guys in my school are douchebags. some of them are really hot but their personalities suck ass. and honestly im not a very good student and i spend way too much time with my friends and goofing off, but i have potential to do really well in school. so i just wanna try really hard to get good grades just so i can prove to myself that its possible. and just wait for the real thing in college because its not like its going to last although my sister married her highschool boyfriend and so did my mom.. that was just 2 very rare examples right? im not sure if im gonna regret this decison looking back so do you think i should just focus on school and if a guy actually makes an effort and shows he really wants to be with me i should go for it? im not sure it just seems like a waste of time

and do you think its weird i dont want one


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  • "I don't want a boyfriend in highschool"

    Then don't get one.


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  • Not weird at all. Some would say it's smart!