How do you ask a girl out I need help it has never been my strong suit can someone help?

I would like some one to help me cuz i dont know how to ask girls out so please can someone help?


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  • I'll give you a quick rundown
    1. Approach the girl you want to ask out
    2. Show her that you are attracted to her (example: You're cute, i had to talk to you. My name is blank)
    3. Talk about stuff that you like and what she likes (don't act needy or nervous)
    4. Finish the conversation and ask for her number
    5. Call her and ask her out on a date
    There's a high chance that you might get rejected but that's the part of the process. Everybody gets rejected, you'll just have to take it as a man. Remember that you miss 100% of the chances you don't take. 1% is infinite times better than 0% (literally and metaphorically)

  • Im assuming that this girl and you know each other at least enough so that when you ask her it won't be awkward/creepy in the slightest (in other words, it depends how long you two have known each other).
    But the easiest way is to just talk to her about something simple (christmas, New Years Eve, 2015, winter break, etc.) and then say "You know what, I'd love to buy you dinner sometime and take you to a movie, when are you free next." If she's down, awesome! Say "Can I have your number so that we can stay in touch until then?" If shell be busy, say "Can I have your number so that we can figure something out a later time?" If she is just totally not having it and says no, just say "thats ok, no biggie, maybe another time then."

    When I was your age, this wasn't my strong point either, but then i just got confident and experienced and now its a pretty simple thing to do!

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