What is the difference between a boy and a man?

Say a women just sees you as boy, not a man, what could be reasons, besides age.


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  • Do you want the short answer or me to send you the PDF of the book im writing?

    • Whatever works best for you (;

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    • 4. Act the part!

      Its almost midnight so just go to www. gentlemansguide. com

      Dress well
      Step up your humor. Smart people jokes.
      Be able to fit in a kayak
      Have cool hobbies like mountain climbing, or woodworking.
      Dont smell
      Dont act like an ass
      Just look online bro i really dont have the time to give you all the steps. So just look online.

      Oh and i forgot. Always make sure your not being an ass, or pretentious. During this stage where you shall go from boy to man you will frankly be an ass at one point or another. This is assured, as you are trying to find yourself and your style you are going to fail, a lot, and you are going to be made fun of and shot down, a lot. But dont let that turn you in to an ass. And dont let this new style and mind set turn you into a pretentious d-bag. You give us gentlemen a bad name.
      Sorry that i did this sort of half-assed, well whatever. Good luck. (oh and NEVER use bro)

    • Thanks man!!! This was very helpful, I appreciate you for taking your time

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  • A boy wants to play, where as a man knows how to set goals, has ambition and knows what he wants. A boy complains about not having enough money, yet he goes out every weekend and spends money, a man knows how to balance his finances and has at least one savings plan. A boy wants a girl because she's "hot". A man goes after the woman he can have a conversation with and has an emotional bond with. A boy plays around, does stupid things without thinking about the consequences, a man knows when to say no.
    These are but a few differences between a boy and a man.

  • men have big hairy balls, facial and chest hair.

    boys have small dicks and high pitch voices.

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