If you are going away for a long holiday, how frequent you will get in touch with your date?

How long will you talk to each other? Do you prefer a long conversation or just a brief update over how your days go?


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  • date? not often... gf, everyday...

    • Why date is not often? Is it because u don't like her tht much yet?

      This guy I've been seeing contact me several times throughout the day before his holiday. Now he is somewhere with diff time zone n we just converse really minimal

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  • Same situation, I didn't contact her much on her holiday (although i was really tempted to!!)
    I ended up asking her her holiday was going near the end

    • Why didn't you contact her earlier than near the end?

    • Well I am kind of introverted and over-think things, I didn't want to seem too needy and end up annoying her (which probs wouldn't of happened in hindsight but it was really early in relationship)

      If she was my girlfriend I would've talked to her everyday

    • Hm ya tht makes sense.. although she might probably happy to hear frm u sooner hehe

What Girls Said 1

  • I've been talking to mine every other day or for like 3 days straight then we have days we don't talk. We're both on winter break right now from college and I'm visiting my parents. Missing him tons:( but our relationship isn't really established yet.

    • Same situation with me. He called me less n less frequent thn the beginning of his trip. Missing him too :(

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