I constantly feel like I am missing something?

I've never been in a real relationship and the last crush I had on a guy lasted 3 years and we never even talked ( we used to talk though he was in my class)

I've aways had this empty feeling so could it be boy related? I hardly ever meet any guys, unless it is at a bar or club so could a guy be what i am missing?


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  • we never even talked/we used to talk though

    That doesn't really make any sense. But ignoring that...

    Have you tried going to places where there are guys who AREN'T drunk? From my experience there are a lot more potential places to go where men outnumber women than vice versa (nail salons?).

    • Where then tell me where do I find an abundance of men? And I meant exactly what I said my crush on him lasted 3 years even though we didn't talk during THE 3 YEARS. We used to be friends before that though and then stopped talking (and then my crush lasted 3 years). Make sense?

    • OK, now it is clear.

      Where do you live? In the country, I mean, not your personal address. If you go to most concerts, ball games, etc. there are likely to be more men than women. If you are into hiking, skiing, surfing, or other outdoorsy stuff, find a local group for people into that. Meetup groups (meetup. com) have a wide variety of topics; unless you are out in the boonies there should be some near you.

  • Yup. Love is one of, if not the most important, pieces to our human existence.

    P. S. Having a crush on the same person for three years may not be one of the greatest habits.

    • Why is it a bad habit?

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