How do I ask a girl what she wants in this little thing we are having? (Living two hours apart from each other)?

Hey guys and gals hope you've all had a good Christmas.

Alright, so the deal is this. I met a girl. She is very beautiful, all I've ever dreamed about pretty much. She lives in another town about two hours away from my place, but I've still managed to see her and hung out with her about 10 times. We've kissed. We've said we like each other on the phone. No sex. Met her about 2 months ago.
However, this girl is the hard-to-get type. We don't keep in touch that much. Sometimes I call her, ask her what's up. Sometimes we send a couple of texts. Every time I am with her I feel that the more time I spend with her, the more I get feelings for her.
When I am not with her on the other hand, the feelings fade. And every time we meet it feels like we're not progressing. It's all that "Hi, how are you? What have you done?" blabla. I'm unsure what she wants. I'm actually pretty unsure of what I want at the moment. Eventually I want her for my own, but the distance and school is now blocking our path.
How do I ask her what she wants?
How do I ask for the rules that this little thing that we have has? (are we seeing other people, just having fun etc)
Do I call or text?
Will it ruin my chances with her?
I'm stuck. I think about her all the time. She is my dream girl. What do I do? Please help me.

Waiting for your help!


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  • Just ask her how she intends to work with this stuff. Ask her once. Do not press the issue. You may not be her dream boy.

    • I'm usually pretty good with analyzing "problems" with girls but this one is totally new for me. How do I "ask her how she intends to work with this stuff"? Like, do I tell her I like her and then proceed on to what she thinks of the whole thing? Or do I go straight on asking if we are seeing other people at the same time? Thanks for your help.

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    • That sounds good. I met her yesterday. When would you suggest me to call her? Or would you text the girl, if you were in my position?

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