Why does he introduce me to his son after saying he prefers to stay alone? And stays in touch asking for news while i'm not contacing him anymore?

I started dating this guy a month ago... super caring, bringing gifts, planning vacations etc... He was awesome! Then, he told me he was realizing that he liked a lot to be alone... even though he enjoys spending time with me and is attracted in me. I went a few days away for the holidays, hoping it will help him decide if he wanted or not to keep being with me. When i came back, he introduced me to his babyboy... i thought things were better and was delighted until he told me again that he preferred being alone. But still gave me my Christmas gifts... confused, i revealed to him how i feel about him and that i enjoy spending time with him... him being the only one i want to be with now. I told him too that i won't pursue him though.
Then i left and haven't given any news to him since even though i do really miss him. Now he just sent me a text, asking me for news and wishing me a beautiful day buuuut using my first name instead of a cute name :((!!
What does he want? Why does he stay in touch with me? He is a kind man, is that the reason why he is acting this way? What should i answer him? Does his text mean he wants to stay friends with me or start back from scratch or... or... or WHAT? What do you think about it?


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  • I presume he wants to be friends. Fairweather at that.


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  • @Thing1 Stop meeitng his kid and him. He's weird

    • Well i did because i thought he had good news for us... why introducing me to his babyboy otherwise? Now i feel bad because i have feelings for him and i don't understand what's happening.

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    • I need to figure out what to answer him to see if he wants to meet.

    • "Hey, I wanna see your handsome face. Wanna go out sometimes this week?"

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