Is it possible to get out of friendzone?

So my situation is kinda tricky. In the beginning i met this girl, i did show some interest but not too much so I don't be needy. However she showed some interest and hugged me all the time kissed me, asked me to sleep with her. Of course I have fallen for her since then but recently she told me she is not relationship type girl and we should stay friends. I still flirt with her but it is obvious it is less than before and I feel like I am slowly going into friend zone. We get along pretty great but with each day it seems like it is harder to make something more than platonic relationship. Is it possible to get out of something like that when girl doesn't have interest in relationship but does want to be friend with me? She is pretty attractive so I think it is all because she doesn't want to loose intention from other boys.


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  • You would throw your life away on a woman who will return to you when she is done playing with others? The Friendzone is a great place for you in this situation; it is where you can move forward and onward to higher heights and greater more appreciative relationships.

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