Guys mainly question, : My crush heard my buddy talking about him?

My class buddy [not a close friend] asks me all the time who I like so finally Friday I indirectly told him that the guy I like was in the same class with us and so he asked me to point them out so I didn't just go right out and say who I liked , I said I like the guy with black glasses on and there was only one guy in our class that was wearing black glasses

So then my buddy says "I dont approve of the guy you like"

I looked sad and said "why?"

And he says "well he's a flirt , he flirts with everything that moves, and a player who won't be loyal"

And I guess the guy I like heard my buddy and I alking and looked at me with a sad face

Then I said to my buddy "oh really he is a player and a flirt? "

And he said "yep pretty much"

And the guy I like said "I guess someone is upset because the girl that they like, likes me "

I am really upset , my crush heard the whole conversation and my buddy told me what his opinion of him was , what to do?


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  • Girls and guy have often thought I was a flirt and a player even though nothing could be further from the truth. It upsets me to hear it as well. Aside from the obvious, him liking you and not liking being talked about he could be upset that people think he is a playa.

    • Why do you think my friend wouldn't like him? And you think my crush likes me back? Thanks for answering :)

    • Well first, you friend fancies you. Your crush probably likes you a bit too.

    • Thanks for answering =}

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  • Your buddy was wanting you to pick him. Your buddy has a crush on you

    • What should I do? Thanks for answering my Q

    • Are you attracted to your buddy? If so tell him and go for it

    • No we are just friends but thanks :)

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  • So many possibilities. Maybe the guy you talked to would prefer if it were him you liked. Maybe he's actually being honest and just trying to warn you. Maybe he thinks he's being honest but in reality, the guy you like is not a player at all. Your crush does come across as pretty confident though (obviously not always a bad sign), so you may want to watch out ;)

    • What do you mean by he comes by pretty confident? Could you elaborate and do you think he might like me? Thanks for answering :)

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    • When exactly did this happen? Did you and your crush talk again since then? If not, you should try and iniate conversations, but in this situation I know it's so much easier said then done. If he tries to talk to you again, and I hope he will, you should try and find out if he likes you too :) See if you actually have anything in common. Not sure what to do about your friend. I think it might be best to stay away from him for a bit until his feelings for you go away.

    • This happened yesterday , I haven't spoken to my crush since