When in a relationship is good to start going on dates?

I'm pretty new when it comes to dating and I've never been on any kind of date before. I just started dating this guy like 3 weeks ago and right now is too early to go on dates, but I wanted to know when a good time is to start. Im also the type of girl that doesn't like things to get payed for me, but instead pay myself. Is it offensive to the guy on the first date to each pay your own ways instead of him paying for you? Or is it OK? Oh and choose which type of movie is better for a first date down below⤵️

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  • Well it depends n many factors. Generally older people don't enter a relationship without a date, or a drunken hookup or something first, so pretty early on. For the movie it is down to tastes. If one of you hates a genre its not really fair to go see it.

    • Where I come from its more normal to start dating and then go on a date earlier on, but thanks ;)

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    • How can you be dating without going out on dates? I think that's called flirting :p.

      In a few years your boyfriend would only be considered a friend at this point. If you feel like you want to spend some time with just the two of you then its the time for a date. That fact doesn't change with age really.

    • I'm glad I wasn't the only one puzzled by this question.

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