I'm breaking up with my bf of 2 years tonight, any advice?

I'm going to end things because we want different things. I'm ready to meet someone and to settle down and he's not. While I'm not looking for marriage now, it's definitely something I want in the future and its not something he wants. I put in 2 years already and I can't put anymore time into a dead end relationship.

But I've never broken up with anyone before. He is actually my first real relationship. How should I go about doing thjs? I tried to end things befire but chickened out because I wanted to avoid this awkward conversation. But I have to do it for my sake.

Help please


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  • No matter how you go about it, he is likely going to try and talk you out of it.

    And he will succeed- if you let him.

    The thing to do is to be resolute. Convince yourself, your mind, and your heart of the truth- that he is not willing to commit.

    Even if he commits right then and there, it is likely just to keep you hanging on just for a little while longer. Be aware of that.

    Any future relationships you have, stay abstinent. If you were sexual with this man you are going to long for him. That is what sex does, it bonds us together forever. It also clouds our minds to the reality of the person we are sleeping with.

    For a man, there is nothing better than sex, no higher act of bonding. If you give him your body before a commitment, you will likely never see a commitment.


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  • Just sit him down and tell him why you want to break up. You both want different things and prolonging what you want is making you miserable. You have to tell him exactly why you don't want to be with him anymore. It may hurt both of you for a while but you will get over it and find someone who can give you the things you search for.

    • Thank you, that's really helpful :)

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  • Just sit him down and tell him it's over. The cleaner the better. If he likes you he may argue against it (men love flipping stories to make it look like your fault, or it's something you can work on) but don't. My greatest mistake was not doing this with my s. o. I'm going to drop the bomb after 11yrs of being together and I have many regrets. Do it now and be resolute about it.

  • Just be honest.


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  • Do you guys still get along just fine? Being with someone for two years is quite a bit of time. Its good to at least try to remain friends. They are important in your life at one point, they can still be a good friend afterwards, regardless of the different life views.

    • Yes I agree. I hope he can remain a friend, probably not for awhile afterwards, but eventually in the future, I hope we can remain on friendly terms