NEED HELP PEOPLE: How the hell do you get out the friend zone?

I Really like this girl but all she sees me as I good mate, annoying thing is she semester just go for assholes and I always therefore when they are harsh to her, but she then just goes on to another one!


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  • Try showing her that you can be the guy she's looking for. Apparently she doesn't see how the other guys are because they use their "sweet words" to try and get what they want. She might be heartbroken too many times thats why she might be used to going for the assholes. Try to confort her, talk to her, make her feel better.
    take her out on a date!
    give her flowers:)
    Show her little by little she will slowly start realizing who is the guy she's looking for :)

    Hope this helps:D


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  • Here are the rules:
    -sex appeal
    -intrigue her: she can't know you TOO well otherwise there's nothing left to uncover
    -be proud of your friendship

  • Oh my first off I'm horribly sorry for you considering that the friend zone is a dark and ewie place but have you tried telling her? Or even asking her out? And if you don't want to do that then try getting close to her or talk to her other friends about her views on you. Try and be the person that she wants and needs. That's all I got


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  • You dnt get out of the friendzone, you avoid it in the first place by asking girl out you like first off the bat.

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