All girls on GaG, may I get your help? How do you define the following archetypes of guys?

We've all heard about the "nice guy", and the "bad boy", but nobody ever sits down to agree on what it really means. And what about all the guys in between?

Girls, this is your chance to let us guys know how YOU see them.

So therefore i'm asking you girls to define these five archetypes of guys; the "nice guy", the "fake nice guy", the "good guy", the "average guy" and the "bad boy".
I want you all to pinpoint at least four positive and four negative sides with each of them. If you can't do all of them, do the ones you manage at least :)

Also if you have experience from dating some of them, feel free to provide input. How did they act and treat you when you first met? When you were new in the relationship? When some time (~3months) had passed?

Thanks a lot for the help :)


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  • Nice guy would be an unattractive friendzoned guy, fake nice guy would be a two faced unattractive guy who wants you for sex but doesn't get the friendzone, a good guy is a boyfriend material guy who makes us feel secure, average is average which gives a possibility of friendship or dating, bad boy is a hot and exciting guy who is adventurous and isn't afraid of risks- the ultimate fantasy- we want him to be good just for us and just to us.
    That is my view on this.

    • i'm a bit curious regarding the bad boy. Do you girls honestly believe he'll change, or do you deep down know you're walking into a likely trap? If so, why do you still do it?

    • We believe that hell change

    • okay, thanks. May i ask what makes you believe he'll actually change?
      What makes you beleive you can do what all the other girls could not?

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  • A bad guy is a normal guy who experienced he has enough charm to get laid without trying to be nice and get away with it and decides to cut the crap. Then he becomes a standard asshole.