Girls why do u have to know a guy well to have a crush on him?

Do u have too know the guy well to have a crush. Isn't love at first site. I asked if I'm ugly she said no. I just dint know u well


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  • For me a crush is just finding someone attractive. Sometimes getting to know a person can make them attractive... or unattractive. But girls definitely and I thought obviously able to just find a guy attractive without knowing them. And no, I don't believe in love at first sight. Maybe it could happen, and has happened for some people, but I doubt it all.

    To me a crush is just a physical attraction and maybe liking the personality that you are aware of without really knowing the person. Liking someone to me implies you kind of know the person and are also attracted to them. For me, I don't have to know a guy to have a crush on him. I have a huge crush on one of my TAs, he's my type and I like how smart he is and passionate about music and art. He seems like a down to earth person but I don't know him. For me to like a guy though I need to know him.

    The girl you were talking to might not think you're ugly but might not be attracted to you. She might not have noticed you and developed a crush because of that, but now that you've seemed to initiate something she might be considering you but would need to know you better. Or maybe it's her way of letting you down. It doesn't seem like she has a crush on you but in order for her to determine if she could like you she might need to get to know you.

    I don't really understand your question fully but I hope my answer was clear enough for you.

    • She giggles around me and when I hurt myself she said aww poor baby

    • That does sound kind of flirty

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  • Just because someone is good-looking, that doesn't mean they're good people. I'll never have a crush on a person with a crap personality no matter how attractive they may look.

  • Argh not with me lol
    I had a crush on this guy and I didn't know he the hell he was 🙈 I thought he was immensely cute.. And now we basically talk to each other every single day. Never a day goes by without me thinking of him.. ☺️

  • Not exactly. I started liking my crush without even knowing his name.


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