Hooking up with this guy for two months, not sure where we're at?

I'm a freshman in college. I've been hooking up with a junior for about two months now. He's the type of guy I would normally avoid (trust fund baby, very cocky, in a fraternity), but he's incredibly smart, and I guess that's what intrigued me. When we're together, he's such a gentleman. After talking, we decided to be exclusive. Now, initially this was a f*** buddy kind of thing, but I feel like it's turning into something else. We have pretty intense conversations and have even went out together recently. He also took me to his formal, which is a pretty big thing at our college. My mind is going crazy, I'm really starting to like him. Here's what I'm trying to figure out: could he possibly want something more? Does he see me as something more than just a girl he's hooking up with?


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  • He could be.. And it seems like you feel that way too. Communicate with him and tell him how you feel and find out how he feels too.


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