I like two young women, one is my younger brother's friend, they are only friends and the other is someone from Church, who would you choose?

I like this young woman named Kenyon from my Church, she's beautiful and about my age range, mid-30's and she always kisses me on the cheek, when we hug, after saying hi and talking about our plans for the rest of the weekend, then, there's my younger brother Chris's female-friend Candice, she's pretty too, but talks about herself a little bit much, I guess I sparked my crush on her, because I keep engaging in conversation about her, I may want to date either one of them, maybe there can be a girlfriend to me, first I want to be friends with one to see where it goes, so what do you think?

  • Hang out with Candice in the living room and talk to her about her goals.
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  • Strike up a conversation at Church with Kenyon about Church and her plans.
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  • Absolutely choose the older one who has a general interest in you. More than that, she's in your age range which is important, and it sounds like she's more mature which is very important.*Also, I don't know much about the bro code, but I think dating your brother's friend might put a strain on your relationship with him.

  • interesting poll choices. (:

    I have no idea.


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