It's been a few weeks, I forgot to reply to his last few messages... should I text him?

So I met this guy (tinder) chatted for a week... went on a date dinner and a movie (technically 2 bc it was a drive in) we kissed hung out a bit after talked till about 4am. He sent me a text midmorning the next day (after our 10 hour first date lol). We saw each other once a week (talked walked the city laughed) and talked everyday for about a month. Yaddayaddya... I left for business I told him I didn't want any or anything serious. He said some sweet stuff he understood and thought it was hilarious that we actually liked each other and met on Tinder.

2 weeks later (after my business trip) he sent me a text... it was an inside joke he thought of me. I replied "lol" he said something I totally forgot to reply.

A week after that he sent me a text that he was changing his number... we chatted a bit.

Now I can't stop thinking of him rarely do I meet a guy that can roll with the punches but knows when the joke is over and can be sweet... and I kinda feel like uggggh. Realizing you like someone 2 months later really sucks.

Does he want me to contact him? Or is one of those things like "if he likes you he'll contact you"?

I'm 27 he's 32

Thanks guys! Messaged him this afternoon we've been texting ever since apparently he's been waiting for me to be ready plus the holidays have been super busy he figured I was just caught up with that.


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  • No, you have failed.

    • I failed at?

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    • Fashionably late?
      I'm confused... if we text too much it's like "sheesh chick calm the ovaries" if we're a week - ish late to reply we "failed?" Come on.

    • I know, I know... Lordy do I know.

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  • Give it a shot, he might still be interested and if you like him, you can initiate a conversation first this time

    • Thanks i wanted to text him last week but didn't want to send a lame Merry Christmas text... or Happy New Year text this week lol... Mostly I'm just stalling out fear of rejection. Plus he's a great guy what are the odds he still single.

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    • Thanks! He's been waiting for me to be ready :-)

    • Glad I could help and good luck!

  • Just contact him , you are to old for the games.


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  • Don't leave him hanging, and at least be polite enough to tell him why you haven't replied etc.