I ended it but I miss him?

I ended it because he couldn't commit at the moment and said I was "stressing him out" and putting too much pressure on it. The only reason I was doing that was because last time things ended badly because of commitment issues (which made sense, he had literally just gotten out of an extremely long relationship with the only girl he's ever dated/loved) and when we started seeing each other this time everything was great and he seemed to have changed in the less emphasis he put on sex, more emphasis on me and my life, my family, my friends, and so much support (he came to events that were important to me, even when he was busy). if i needed him, he was there. but once he felt the pressure, he got upset. he tried to explain to me that setting things in stone rift now just can't happen for him, but he really likes me and cares for me. I can tell that he cares, a lot, but I still ended things because I was a nervous wreck all the time and I realize now that mostly had to do with outside reasons (it was a stressful time in my life a month or two ago). he didn't want me to act like we would never talk again, but I was angry at him for being so closed off. I don't know if I've given him time now (I've blocked him on my phone and not said anything for like 2 months) to maybe think about this, and for me to think too about it. I feel like we really like each other and this should work, but his hang ups make me insecure and it seems hard for him to re-assure me even though he tries to listen when I talk about it and says that he is trying. Should I try seeing him again? I miss him so much sometimes it's painful.

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he told me he could fall for me, and his level of support and care for me I feel like are way up there, it's just he is freaked about relationships because his ended so badly. I heard from his friends how hard it was and really in a lot of ways still is on him, it was so much of his life.
do people see big problems with trying relationships again, just in general? is that what I am seeing?
I've started seeing some one else and still have him blocked, but still thinking about him all the time?


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  • he obviously cares about you and at the level he's at especially caring for you so much, there will be that little sentimental link in him that connects with you, similar in ways to how you will always love your parents even if at some point you hate their guts out.
    People really need to communicate more, just meet with him and explain everything, your actions and reasons and how you feel about what is going on. People tend to over-think in relationships and get the wrong idea, only talking will make things better

    • this was really helpful thank you so much

    • you're very welcome, all couples have problems but the most successful ones are the ones which pull through the most hardship, sticking together through the rough is the sign of true love :)

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  • No, you shouldn't, and this is normal.

    • why shouldn't I and how is this normal?

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    • Good luck. The odds aren't in your favor.

    • Haha sorry but the hunger game quote in the end got me!

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  • So you have tried twice and both times it didn't work out first time because he was still getting over something and second time because he was going through something hard but the thing is life isn't easy and there will always be something if he can't commit twice then maybe it's not meant to be that doesn't mean he doesn't care but that he just can't be the kind of guy/relationship your looking for

    • the first time it was never really meant to go to being a relationship, it's only been one time that I've pushed for that and it's been too much too soon for him

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    • Nope but I still think the take it slow method won't work unless he can he commit to taking it slow he sounds like my best friend who has been out of her almost two year relationship for six months and still can't commit to a guy sooo good luck

    • everyone is different but thanks i guess

  • You just dump two heavy weights on his shoulders and you're expecting him to see you. He needs time to get over her first before he takes the next step with you.