He wants to have kids... and soon?

I asked how he was today, he said he was sad. I asked why, he responded with this, Cuz all of my friends r having families like kids🙋🙅... We should have some bae. He even said he was thinking about it for awhile.

My question is why does he want babies now?


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  • Who is this ur bf or husband? Have u guys had sex before? And aww wish my guy would ask for babies.

    • He is my fiance, and yes we have had sex before, but I make him wear a condom.

    • Well honestly its ur body and ur choice so tell him, "How about lets have babies after we get married, because I want to spend time with u for now".

    • Thanks for MHO! Glad I helped...:D

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  • Because he wants to keep up with his friends. By the way he calls you "bae". Do not have his kids.


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