How can I get guys to like me?

Ok so first to describe myself; I'm a 16 year old gamer that like survival an sandbox games. I can be shy around people I like but super excited near people that I'm comfortable with. I am no longer a vergin. I can't really hold up a conversation unless it's about shooting, video games, survival, the future, or animals. I've moved 3 times so far. I don't like spicy food but I like spicy Doritos. I get super emotional at night. I like to express my feelings throughs songs and I can't hold a relationship for more then a month. N I would rate myself a 6. How to I attract a guy?


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  • You're already a gamer, so guys already like you (at least I like girls who play video games). You just have to talk to guys, start by asking guys in your class about homework or whatever and then hit it off from there I guess (I'm also 16 and kind of shy so I'm not the best at giving advice.


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  • Guys love gamer girls or those tomboys who play sports and all, then guys love u already.