Men, Guys, Boys: Why do you do this?!

You start talking to a girl and hey she thinks everything's going great. She thinks your really into her, heck you even said I wanna take you on a date and even set up a place. You say you like the sound of her voice and that she's smart. To assure her how much you want to talk to her you even added that you got a lot of girl's numbers but there was something about her, you only wanted to talk to her. She thinks hey things are going smoothly, he seems genuine, this could be the guy. He seems to want more and not just do a f**k and leave.

...Then you stop talking to her. No warning. you just stop. no explanation. Why the Heck do you guys do that!? Why can't you just be a MAN and just say "hey you know your cool but I realized I don't see you that way. Or you know I'm not feeling you anymore." At least something? Even if she gets mad at least you were a man about it and said what you felt.


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  • heres a good question, why are you having such a problem finding a guy who will be really into you and not leave you.lose intereste when the discription you gave is of a "nice guy" and the world is over populated with I don't see what your problem is...if this is the kind of guy you want, go find the nearest nice guy...


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  • Maybe he had to go pee? Maybe someone slipped laxatives in his drink? Seriously crazy stuff happens. It happened to me once. I thought I was going to explode and I nearly did, by the time I got back the girl was gone... she had to be sooo confused.


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  • I think it's because the guy was being insincere and found someone else they'd rather talk to.. Kind of like they are always moving on to the "better" girl which usually involves her body and not her mind.. CREEPS.

    Sometimes it's because the girl seems TOO into them and they get nervous, but in this sitch it sounds like it was all his fault.

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