Do I still have another chance with my crush?

Im desperate for answers from both girls and guys. Im actually almost 14 years old and I have a crush on this girl ( I have know her since we met in school ( kindergarten) and I texted her and she asked who this was and how'd I get her number. I told her that I would only tell her who I was if she promised to not tell anyone about the conversation. She said ok and I straight up out of nowhere sent a message saying that I like her and asking her If she liked me. (I don't think I could have helped myself because I really wanted to tell her how I felt about her) but she replied no. She said that her phone was dying and that she had to go. But I think she just wanted to end the conversation. I asked her if we could still be friends, she said that we could. I'm worried that she'll never talk to me again. Please help me!!!

Or is she just saying that she doesn't but she really does?
Anymore opinions or options for the two of us?


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  • Don't lie.

    Are you satisfied with just being friends, as you said? Or do you really have to have her like you back and be your girlfriend?

    If it's the latter, it's impossible. It's a tremendous turnoff for girls (or whoever is on the receiving end of an infatuation). If we don't like someone, it's extremely creepy for that person to keep trying to talk to you and ask you to be your best friend. Even for guys. I was on the receiving end of an extremely needy guy with no friends, and it was very weird because he kept trying to talk to me as if I was his best bud or something.

    If you want her to talk to you again, cut the "do you like me" talk. Instead, try to engage her attention by finding out what she likes, and talking about it. And also sharing what you like to do and hopefully she'd find it interesting too. If both of you find each other interesting conversational partners, congrats, you may think about the next step.

    If not, that's as far as you two can go. Just mere acquaintances. If you find yourself having a difficult time even just speaking to her as friends, your interest will surely fizzle out on its own too.

    • Yea koibito I know that. If things don't work for the two of us then that means that god has another special person waiting for me

    • Wow okay. You're surprisingly okay with it now. o_o I guess I might have read you wrongly.

      But yes, be cool, get to know her, if it doesn't work, there's more girls out there and you've also gained some experience that way. :)

    • Yea I have but we still hang out once in a while

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  • I'm sorry to break this to you, but I'm pretty sure she was straight forward about her answer.

    This means that the feeling isn't mutual...

    And saying that her phose was about to die was most likely bs.

    Don't waste your time anymore!

    I'm positive you'll find someone who likes you back.

  • Just talk to her. Like before. She will get over it. And so would you. Trust me.

    • Yea anonymous I think your right because people change!! But the only problem is that I don't know how to approach her because I get nervous

    • I understand. But if you act weird it just makes everything worse. She'll think she has you under her thumb. And honestly everyone deserves to be treated much better than that. Be cool.

    • I'll try thanks anonymous

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  • Eventhough you get her number without her permission she agreed to be a friend with you... which means she Also like to text u. she can love her slowly but you should be very careful with all your message.. don't gets urgent on proposing...

    • I didn't propose to her in almost 14.

    • Not necessarily. This is her train of thought "Oh a new friend? Oh okay, why not? It's always nice to chat with others. Can't hurt anyway to drop him if he is needy and what not".

      Just because a girl/or anyone, is okay with chatting with you doesn't mean they WANT to chat with you. I'm sure you've encountered people who you don't actually chat with, or are friends with, but you just nod your head and make small talk with them because hey why not. They just have to talk, I just have to nod and listen. If it's boring I'll just keep quiet and hopefully they'd drift away.