He wants to hang out

there is this guy and he just got out of a relationship at least a month ago... he looks kinda interested in me. he just wants to hang out ...what exactly does this mean boys?


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  • he's not ready for another relationship for a little while and is giving you a heads up (that's pretty considerate)...

    I'm in the same boat, and I am looking for someone to have fun with and see where it goes from there (it is dating, more or less, but I don't like it to be called "dating"..i just got out of a relationship and "dating" is associated with a that and I want nothing of it).

    Just have fun, go out, experiment and try new things..eventually he will get over his broken relationship and get serious with you (ask you to "date" lol).

    Or, he will realize that there is really just physical attraction (no chemistry) and continue to just have fun (you will know when this happens..)

    Or, he will realize that there was really just physical attraction and move on (you will know when this happens also..)

    I say "hang out" if you are on the same page/are patient and understanding of his feelings...if you are on the "I want something serious and eventually bear your babies" page, try having fun for a while (you will wish you did once you get knocked up)..

    this is all assuming that you're into the guy..

  • Date.


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