If a guy says he thinks people need to date around, do you think he's going to stay with the same girlfriend he has indefinitely?

My friend said he thinks people do need to date around and all that and he has a girlfriend right now for the past 10 months or so.
Do you think he will stay with her indefinitely then? I just wonder about us down the road. He and I both have only ever been in serious relationships.


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  • No when someone says that it usually means their current partner is a stop gap or they know the relationship won't last forever so are keeping their options open.

    • He said also that it was going well and that she was turning into a girlfriend, do you happen to know if this still means the same thing? I hope we have a chance together in the future. Not ready now myself

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    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking, could just go either way but he said all this within like a week of itself! Guess I'll have to wait and see. I'm in the same boat as him, not wanting to be serious right now. But with him it's different

    • Well good luck.

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  • If he is the same age as you then I feel that the time for casual dating should be coming to an end if he is of the mind to have a wife and family one day.