What could this mean? Are we together again?

We were dating last summer but broke up because my parents were trying to control me. He is 8 years older. We kept talking but still loved each other. One day he stops talking and finally tells me we grew apart. He'd been busy with his job. He wanted a break. I need to get my stuff together.. a job and an apartment and we could take it from there. I did just that. It didn't take me long to find a job in my field.. I'd had trouble before (chose a daycare job). It took me 2 months to find an apartment and save for it. Then I moved in. I had decorated the apartment. Then gave him my address and hoped he would come see me. Christmas came and went. The next day I decided to go shopping and then out of the blue I get a phone call. I was thinking it was going to be my mom but the caller id registered. It was him. He said he was at my apartment and that he wanted to surprise me. I went to him. We snuggled and kissed a lot. He kept kissing the top of my head too. I told him I was sorry for the way my parents treated him and he kissed me. There were times when he was touching my lips with his fingers tracing them. He stayed... slept on my couch. The next morning he was still there, hung out and when it was time for him to leave (he had to do laundry and get ready for church the next day-he works at a church)... he got up said he had to go, hugged me (both arms around me), and "would talk to me later sweetie." I had asked him before he left if he was still single (I didn't say it but was wondering where I stood) As he walked out the door he laughed and said no (he was standing facing me then turned his head to the stairs and smiled then he looked back at me and said I'll talk to you later (still smiling). Could he have done this so I would be more independent from my parents? Could he have really wanted to surprise me? Why was he tracing my lips with his fingers? Why did he turn his head and smile to himself then look back at me smiling? Does this mean we are back together?


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  • Wow! You definitely need to be writing scripts for Hollywood lady :)
    I was gonna write "jokes apart"... but I'm serious.
    Coming to your question...
    Oh the human heart... :) :) and it's wonderful goofy ways. Listen I can be kind or I can be realistic.
    Let me say the realistic thing first - Why did he come back? Was he seeing someone else and that relationship soured? If he is really back then where is the lingering, divine, sweep you off your feet kiss? Where is all this practicality (laundry? for heaven's sake) coming from?
    I HAVE to ask you this... Is he a Virgo?
    Now coming to the kind thing - Why do you wanna analyse so much anyway? Go with the flow... it's not about what he means by these gestures; it's also about what you are making out of it. How do YOU feel about the whole thing? Did YOU hold yourself back? Did YOU want him to lift you up in his arms? Are YOU being yourself? As I said... be yourself. Go with the flow. Don't think too much.
    Think about it - he probably feels guilty for having broken it off. He probably is scared of you saying something like "Listen John... I know how you feel about us and all, but I'm engaged or I'm seeing someone else"... so he is doing the right thing by not rushing into it. That explains the lip tracing and smiling and not crossing the invisible barrier. I think he is a Virgo.

    So... just hang out a little bit. Start afresh. Clean slate. See how it goes. If it is meant to be no power in the world (not even you or him) can stop it. Cheers.

    • He is an aquarius. I'm a pisces. No he wasn't seeing anyone. On a comment or something of a friend's picture on fb she said he was disagreeing with everyone and that he is negative about everything. She then said I bet you dont have a girlfriend yet do you- That was in November he did not say he had a gf to her. I think he might have been scared before with the way my parents were treating him. Maybe scared I would take their side. I don't know that for sure though. He is a bigger guy and doesn't get a lot of attention from girl. He has 4 exs and 2 of them had cheated on him. Maybe this was just a big test. I don't know. Yes I was being myself. I have just missed him so much and I definitely still love him. I'm just really scared. I don't want him to go away again.

    • He did seem into me. He might have been a little scared though. I don't think he is after sex. When we went to the movies he looked over at me once. I saw out of the corner of my eye.

    • By the way... when I told him my address I think he knew that I still love him. I told him I wanted to see where the relationship could go and that I missed him. He could come as friends if he wanted. He could come and we could take it slower... if that was what he wanted. I just wanted to see him and I felt God is pulling me towards him not away from him and that I would like to see.

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  • yes, he is not signal at all because he is going to live with you.


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  • It seems as though he is not putting you first, and instead himself. As yourself this "If I wouldn't have gotten my own apartment, would he have even came or talked to me?". He's doing whatever he wants and when he finds it comfortable to him. Put yourself first. If he really wanted to be with you and came back to be with you he would've apologized and asked YOU if y'all were back together. Don't let him manipulate your life or the relationship of your parents.

  • I don't know why I think that.. He only wants sex.

    He appears after you send him your new address? The address where you are living alone? He appears out of the blue?

    Hum.. Be careful.

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