I always fail dating girls, why?

Every time I met girl I fail. I just don't know what I am doing wrong.

Most of the time I pick up girls at the party. So yesterday I picked girl and I've danced with her, she also gave me number.

Next day I text her and she answered. We talked for a little, about everything over telephone - messages. Then I asked her what do you think about going out with me on Friday . She answered: oh sorry I don't have time, because I need to go to grandparents (because she was invited).
Then I asked her for other Thursday and same she don't have time, because she's going to some kind of concert. She also answered like I am going to concert X :/

Then I text her no problem, so why don't you pick up date. She answered: ... I don't know..

Should I just leave her. I always fail going out with girls. What I am doing wrong? I lost all my hope.


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  • Maybe the setting and environment you are picking up these girls is the problem. Most girls aren't looking for a boyfriend when they go to a party they are looking to have fun and enjoy. She maybe be feeling rushed because you guys just met.

    • Yeah maybe because of that. Thank you for your answer. Should I text her and talk with her? Or wait some days and just wish her new year.

      Have a nice day.

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    • Ask her if she has any plans next week or when would there be a time to hang out when it's convient to her and her schedule? Sometimes texting first may seem as though you are annoying or disturbing the person. But at the end of the day at least you know you did your part.

    • Today she's going to concert. Should I text her now? What should I write? I already text about that yesterday like I said. But she said : I DON'T KNOW.

      Now I am lost. Last text was : I wish you sweet dreams. It was something like that. She didn't respond , because she was probably already sleeping :D

      Thank you for your help.

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  • Maybe she's shy
    That's what I did to my ex bf when we started dating cause I was shy

    • It's not that shy :D But it's really tough time for going out. Because you know it's close to new year and she needs to visit grand parents and so on, I totally understand that. But I don't know if she's even interested.

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  • You move too soon. Get to know the girls via text. Talk for ages. Then say coolly something like hey you wanna catch up later or you wanna go to this and don't put pressure on them. Let them know they have a choice. They will most likely say yes if you just leave it up to them