UK/British Girls, advise please?

I've been single for a few months now and i miss having someone i really care about. The problem is i don't really know how to approach women... How to ask them out and so on... I don't know whether I'm someone's type, whether they're already in a relationship, i'm too scared that they may be too young (i'm 19 so I really don't wanna be going under 18 years old).
How can i tell if the girl i'm approaching will be interested or not? How should i ask them out... Ask them for a number etc?
How should i start a conversation?


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  • Ok, so, when you see a girl you like, ( or are interested in. Whatever ) try to notice what clothes she's wearing, and her surroundings, like is she wearing a band shirt, or some other thing like that. And if you know of it, strike up a convo, if you don't... Quickly google it. And if she's at a coffee shop or something like that, ask her her favorite brew. And just try to keep her laughing and smiling, ok? All girls love a funny guy

  • Buy her a Bacardi Breezer and she'll ride you like Sea Biscuit.


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  • British girls are no different to any other, you converse with them, get their number and ask them out.