Friends with benefits, relationships and how can I get one with out the other?

This guy and I had a complicated thing about 5 months ago or so, roughly. Things started out fine except I made the assumption we were dating when we weren't. The second time around I vowed to not assume anything. Between the first and second time around, we were also fooling around as well. The second time as I said I did not assume anything and this time he assume I was dating and asked me "you know we're dating right?" To that I said "no" because I didn't want that to be a repetition of the first mistake. So things got kind of awkward and we both kind of stopped talking to each other and started dating other people. During that time he had given me a jacket a beanie. My boyfriend at the time was crazy jealous and never trusted me. The first guy would text me asking for his stuff and my boyfriend would always get mad over it. I told him I was on vacation so he would stop asking and texting me. Unfortunately a few weeks later he saw me at the store and started texting me. My boyfriend broke up with me over it. Christmas night that guy came to my house to get his things. He said there was no hard feelings between us and we can be friends again. I cried in his arms and he kissed me cheek. During that period amongst a conversation I also said that I was not looking for a relationship anytime soon. He went home and we started texting. He:" whatever (; I know you still just want to be friends but you didn't say we didn't have to be friends with benefits" me"if you wanted to be more than friends I wouldn't rule that out" him"okay (: just want you to be happy" me"you make me happy:)" him: "good (:" so I can't really tell if he's wanting to be fwbs until I am ready since I told him I wasn't ready for a relationship or if it's just a fwbs that's it nothing more. What do you think!


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  • I think friends with benefits is just basically sex with no strings attached meaning that you don't have to do stuff that you would do in a relationship like spend a lot of time with each other and do couple things. I think if you do want to be fwb's with him then make that known from the start. You already told him you wasn't ready for a relationship. But it seems like to me that he likes you more then friends because he seems to text you a lot. Even though you had a boyfriend he was still texting you like crazy. Just have a talk with him and tell him what you want.


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