I broke up with a guy a few weeks ago and texted him Merry Christmas. In his text back he called me a pet name?


I broke up with a guy that I was seeing for almost 4 months. We wanted different things. I wanted a actual relationship that was going somewhere, he wanted a casual but wanted to ACT like we were in a real relationship and wanted me at his beck on call, and was only having sex with just me (or so he says). I told him to kick rocks a week before Christmas.

Cut to the day of Christmas, I texted almost everybody in my contact list. I said "Merry Christmas, [Dude's name]." and in his text back he said "Hey darlin. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas to you too!!" First of all the enthusiasm is disturbing. This is the same man that didn't even call me any pet name until maybe a month an a half into the "relationship" and only called me by my name during the break up. I've stopped calling him any pet names and have only called him by his name.

My question to men, why would you still call a women a pet name if you don't want her and, as far as I'm concerned, you never wanted her in the first place?

Side note: He's not the type to call everybody a pet name. He wasn't drunk. It was 1 in the afternoon and he was staying with his parents for the holidays.


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  • You guys probably really did have affection after 4 months, do a pet name isn't inappropriate. I wouldn't read a lot into it except a friendly response to your greeting.

    • And that was what I was looking for when I texted him, a friendly response. But he didn't have to put that "darlin" part in there, he knows he didn't have to. I've told him how his mixed signals have affected me and to say that now is cruel.

    • Aww, I agree. They have no idea how badly the simple things can hurt

  • To me, he seems like a flirt. Like he'll say that to a lot of girls and only wants one thing.

    • See the thing about that is, if he has the FUCKING NERVE to flirt with me AFTER I told him how much he hurt me, then I want to kill him.